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W7VNJ Tower site

The Site

The site has been SOLD! and is no longer owned, nor operated by CARC.

What with the recent failure of the controller - and a nice opportunity to recoup some funds. The club has sold the Stuckenhoff site. The .235 repeater will be repaired and placed back in service soon!

The Tower

The 145.235 repeater (negative offset, 100hz tone), was more of a 'Local coverage' repeater. The repeater could easily be reached using low power transmitters, such as hand helds, from most all of the Casper metro area.

For 'Regional coverage', you may want to use the 146.940 or 146.640 repeaters located on Casper Mountain.

The deep cycle, marine type battery provided several hours of operation in case of loss of commercial power. Transmitter output power was turned down to about 20 watts. Unfortunately, the autopatch was never made operational.

For those that are interested, this page has maps showing the relative coverage areas for the old Casper Mnt site and the new W7VNJ site.

The 145.235 Repeater

We have more information on other repeaters in the Casper area.