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Anyone and everyone that is interested in participating in this exercise should meet Friday, 1 May 6:30pm at Tate's house. 2116 Fontenell. We'll do a deployment plan then to see who goes where and does what.


This is a huge exercise involving literally millions of dollars in equipment, personal and time. This is a highly structured and well planned out exercise. The rules must be followed. We'll be going over all the rules at the planning meeting on Friday.


  • Any and all licensed Amateur Operators willing to give up a weekend day on short notice.


Amateur Radio - ARES has been assigned to the staging area at the Midwest Fire Hall.

Google Map of Fire Hall Location. 910 Fitzhugh Ave, Midwest, WY

Rules of the exercise state that NO ONE may leave a staging area until assigned!


Saturday, 2 May 2009
0700 - MANDATORY Briefing at 7:00am at the Midwest Firehall

Breakfast will be provided.

How long will this go? I don't know. The full exercise is planned to end at 1600 (4:00pm) - lunch is at 1530 (3:30pm) at Kelly Walsh - most activity after that appears to be debrief.


The orientation meetings and saftey briefings are MANDATORY. If you don't attend, you will not be participating in the exercise at any of the exercise sites. We may still be able to use you at your home QTH.


12 radio channels are assigned for this exercise. 5 of them or ours!

Standard 2m repeater frequencies for Casper area and 2 HF, pluse whatever else we need to get the job done.

  • 146.940 Logistics - Primary
  • 145.235 Logistics - Auxilary
  • 146.640 Logistics - 2nd Auxilary
  • 40m 7.260 Logistics - LSB - Day time
  • 80m 3.7235 Logistics - LSB - dusk to dawn


Be sure your vehicle is ready to go. Good shape, gased up and reliable.

Stock water, food, supplies and clothing appropriate for an "In the Field" deployment. Each of us will be responsable for our own comfort and safety.

I've no idea yet as to where we'll be sent - but by fact that we're being staged at Midwest, I think we're going to be tested with a 'Field Deployment' - maybe even to the crash site itself. (Crash location not publicly released yet). Some may be in Midwest, some may be at their home QTHs, some may be at the Salvation Army site - someplace, where ever they set up at. This is like a "Mega Field Day" deployment and it is quite the honor and recognition to have been included in these plans.

Lets show them what we can do!!

Questions? I'll be on the 146.940 machine.