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W7I Special Event Station - "Mile High Island in the Sky"

'Highest Fresh Water Island "On the Air" in North America'
So far as we know
Alcova Reservoir was at 5498 feet AMSL at the time of the event. Our operating position was within a couple feet of the water level.
If you know of another fresh water island in North America that's been operated for a 24 hour period at a higher elevation - please, let us know!
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Pictures of the Event

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"Emergency Power Only"
Batteries only. No commercial power available.
Intent is to be as minimal impact as possible. Likely no generators either.


12 and 13 July, 2008 From 1200 MDT Saturday 12 July to 1200 MDT Sunday 13 July Open to the public! No fee - no charge - no services <g> Come visit, but bring all your own stuff. We won't have anything to share other than space, air time and friendship!



3.930 - 14.330



Location and Maps

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Graph showing water elevation at time of event. From US Bureau of Reclamation
Topo map showing W7I location and elevation. Screenshot from Xastir An APRS client. Look for the tent on the island in the center.

Google Map - sat view