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Original guide is from: http://aa6e.net/wiki/Lotw-fc5

How I compiled LOTW software on Fedora Core 5 Martin Ewing aa6e@arrl.net, 9/21/2006 Your mileage may vary!

Obtain current released Linux source tarballs (linked from http://www.arrl.org/lotw): http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/trustedqsl/tqsllib-2.0.tar.gz?download http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/trustedqsl/TrustedQSL-1.11.tar.gz?download

tar xzvf

yum install: (These are the current versions at time of writing)

expat-devel-1.95.8-8.2 openssl097a-0.9.7a-4.2.2 openssl-0.9.8a-5.3 openssl-devel-0.9.8a-5.3 wxGTK-2.6.3- wxGTK-devel-2.6.3- wxGTK-gl-2.6.3-

cd /tqsllib-2.0

Modify openssl_cert.cpp, as suggested by others: [tqsllib-2.0]$ diff openssl_cert.cpp.orig openssl_cert.cpp 1291c1291 < #elif (OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER & 0xfffff000) == 0x00907000 --- > #elif (OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER & 0xfffff000) == 0x00907000 || (OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER & 0XFFFFF000) == 0X00908000

./configure # assuming /usr/local prefix make sudo make install

cd ../TrustedQSL-1.11

modify files left.xpm, right.xpm, qsodatadialog.cpp:

[TrustedQSL-1.11]$ diff left.xpm.orig left.xpm 2c2,3 < static char *left[]={ --- > /* Modified AA6E */ > static char *left_aa6e[]={

[TrustedQSL-1.11]$ diff right.xpm.orig right.xpm 2c2,3 < static char *right[]={ --- > /* Modified AA6E */ > static char *right_aa6e[]={

[TrustedQSL-1.11]$ diff qsodatadialog.cpp.orig qsodatadialog.cpp 10c10 < --- > /* Modified AA6E */ 305c305 < _recdown_ctrl = new wxBitmapButton(this, QD_RECDOWN, wxBitmap(left), wxDefaultPosition, wxSize(18, TEXT_HEIGHT)); --- > _recdown_ctrl = new wxBitmapButton(this, QD_RECDOWN, wxBitmap(left_aa6e), wxDefaultPosition, wxSize(18, TEXT_HEIGHT)); 311c311 < _recup_ctrl = new wxBitmapButton(this, QD_RECUP, wxBitmap(right), wxDefaultPosition, wxSize(18, TEXT_HEIGHT)); --- > _recup_ctrl = new wxBitmapButton(this, QD_RECUP, wxBitmap(right_aa6e), wxDefaultPosition, wxSize(18, TEXT_HEIGHT));

./configure # again, using defaults make # Lots of warning messages because new g++ is stricter by default sudo make install

Make library accessible: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib Make sure your shell's PATH contains /usr/local/bin.

[add /usr/local/lib to ld.so.conf or designated 'custom' conf file found in ld.so.conf.d - then, as root, run 'ldconfig']

Run the program: $ tqslcert and create a certificate request - be sure to read the 'getting started' guide at www.arrl.org/lotw!