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The online Home of the Casper Amateur Radio Club - W7VNJ,
that anyone can edit!

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Attend a meeting! - 1st & 3rd Wed of each month, 7:00 pm. June Business meeting location is the Westwood Room at the NCSD Central Services Facility. 970 North Glenn Road.

You can also attend online. via Google Meet
or phone +1 419-869-2088 (PIN: 847846028)

Founded in 1937..

Casper Area Repeaters and current status
VHF (high) - 2M
Freq Tone Purpose/Location Status Description/notes
145.235- 100 hz Casper Mtn. Up W7VNJ - PL on RX and TX - Autopatch.
146.940- 123 hz Casper Mnt Up. Linked to NWARC - PL on RX and TX
147.280+ DCS 032 Metro Area - WyoMed Roof UP System Fusion Auto input - Auto output, (Analog or Digital)
144.390 None Copper Mnt UP APRS Digipeater - W7BEQ
UHF - 70cm
Freq Tone Purpose/Location Status Description/notes
449.500- 100.0hz Casper Mtn. UP NB7I
449.575- 173.8 hz Metro Area - WyoMed Roof UP Transmitter issues. IRLP node 7707 PL on RX and TX
449.900- Metro Area UP Digital only C4FM - WIRES-X.
449.9875- CC11 DMR - Wide area UP Wyoming DMR Project

W7VNJ - Casper Amateur Radio Club

CARC - Amateur Radio in Natrona County since 1937.
Casper ARC, W7VNJ is an ARRL Affiliated Club. Learn more About the Casper Amateur Radio Club and what we do by visiting the About page!

View this 'slide show' that describes the Casper Amateur Radio Club here. Click on each slide to progress to the next.

To contact CARC - please see the About page.


What is membership in CARC, how do you become a member? Visit the membership page for all the details.

What is Ham Radio?

Well, the ARRL says: Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) is a popular hobby and service in which licensed Amateur Radio operators (hams) operate communications equipment.

But that just barely even begins to scratch the surface! Other sites say, "Ham radio is people...", and yet others tout the Amateur Service as a national resource.

We can define Amateur (ham) radio from many perspectives. But, truth be told, ham radio is what you make it.

Read this to find more. Then attend attend one of our meetings and join in the fun!

Want to be a Ham?

Visit our page, So, you want to become an Amateur Radio Operator?

W7VNJ Online

This site is a Wiki

Roughly, a Wiki is a user edited and maintained site. That means you - our visitor, after logging in - can, add, edit, modify and create pages or their content and are encouraged to do so!

However, that also means there are no menus or links to everything that may exist here. To find what you're looking for, use the 'search' box near the top on the left. If you don't find what you're looking for - create it! The idea is whatever you don't know, someone else will come along and fill in the missing bits for you.

If you've know something that may be of benefit to the Ham Community - create a page for it or find a related page and add to it. Of course, we'd like you to be a member of CARC, but that's not a requirement to contribute to this site. As long as it's ham radio related - you and your ideas are welcome here. Ultimately, this site's users will create its content and keep it up to date.

You must have a user account with a verified email address and be logged in to make any changes. See the Create an Account or Log In page.

Email Reflector

Anyone interested in ham radio is invited to subscribe to CARC's Private Email Reflector. The reflector traffic is not moderated, however subscriptions are. This is to prevent spammers from subscribing and passing their junk on to everyone on the list. Everyone else is welcome and encouraged to subscribe. This reflector is totally under the control of CARC. Only subscribers can view the membership list. CARC won't share your email address with anyone else. If you've any questions or concerns, please - ask away. If you aren't familiar with what an email reflector is, This will explain it.

Amateur Radio is on ISS as ARISS. Click picture for a larger, high resolution image. Credit:Crew of STS-133


See the meetings page for info on when, where and how to get there.

License information

Here's a page talking about our classes for folks that want to learn more about ham radio and earn their license.

See these pages on the ARRL web site for information on how to use the FCC Universal Licensing System to perform Administrative Updates, Vanity requests and License Renewals.

Volunteer Examiner (VE) Testing Sessions

The Casper Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce that we are once again offering VE test sessions for ALL CLASSES of Amateur Radio licenses!

See the VE Page for news and info on VE tests in the Casper area as well as links to State wide information.

Casper area repeaters and other infrastructure

So, what is a Repeater anyway and why would I care?

The Casper Area Repeaters page has a list of repeaters.

Coverage Maps

Local coverage maps for some of our repeaters are also available. Slightly outdated, motivate me to do more <g>. And yes, I'd be happy to do these for other repeaters as well, just let me know (ka7o).


YES! The Casper IRLP node is up and fully operational - and the repeater it works through - 449.575 is back to full health!. Just access the repeater just as you would any other and you're accessing the IRLP node as well. If you don't have another node connected, it really *IS* just a normal UHF repeater. At your option, you may use the DTMF pad on your radio to connect to a node or reflector. See the 70cm Repeaters section for information on the local IRLP node. And visit the IRLP DTMF page for details on operation and local shortcuts.
For information on IRLP, visit their homepage. The only way to access the IRLP system is via RF.


Currently, there isn't an EchoLink node in Casper. And as far as I know - no plans to set one up. If you'd like to use EchoLink - you don't need a radio. Just a PC and an internet connection. To download the EchoLink software (Windows only), visit the EchoLink homepage. Using the EchoLink software, your own computer, microphone and speakers (I suggest a headset) and an internet connection - you can access the system without a radio. But your callsign must be registered in their system. Plan ahead, it can take a few days for a registration to complete.


  • Information on the local APRS infrastructure can be found on the Area Repeaters page.
  • Generic information on APRS and more detail on APRS in the Casper area can be found on our APRS page.
  • The APRS Wiki - sort of The online clearing house for things APRS.

Local Autopatch

See The Autopatch Rules page for information on the Autopatch.

Wyoming Repeaters

See what we have on the Wyoming Repeaters page. Pretty good actually. Beats the latest "Repeater Guide" by a long shot!

Casper Area Repeaters

We have a page dedicated just to Casper Area Repeaters


WyoComm was a linked repeater system covering several areas of the state. Now called NWARC

WY 2m FM simplex

See the 2m_simplex page for information on simplex operation.

Band Plans

This page explains some of what a band plan is, and what frequencies define what band groupings and more. Good info for those studying for an exam.

Nets - HF/VHF

Here's where you find out times, frequencies and purposes for the local VHF and regional HF nets.

Wyoming Swap Shop

Paul, KB7FGN does all of us a service by coordinating the Wyoming Swap Shop. He distributes the weekly listing via an email reflector, sometimes called an 'electronic mailing list'. To receive the weekly listings, you have to be subscribed to the reflector. All you need to subscribe is an email address. You can do that here. Other wanted and for sale items might be found in the Classifieds section of our discussion board. View the reflector archives here.

Operations and Projects

The operations page is a place to gather information about the hows, where's and who's of ham radio in the area. Idea is to make information available that is of more interest to the ham operator, but not take up space on this front page for the casual 'surfer'.

The Projects page includes ideas and possibly plans for radio related projects. Including station setup, power systems, mobile operations, alternative energy and more.


See the ARES-RACES page for information on training and participation.

Field Day

Object: To work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12- meter bands) and in doing so to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. A premium is placed on developing skills to meet the challenges of emergency preparedness as well as to acquaint the general public with the capabilities of Amateur Radio.

See the 2015 Field Day page for details. Join in on the planning and preparations on the CARC discussion board's Field Day forum.

Wyoming State Hamfest

The scheduled 2014 Rocky Mnt Convention scheduled to be held in Laramie has been cancelled State Section website. No news, yet, if the WY State Hamfest will still be held or not. It's looking pretty grim at the minute.

Other activities

See the Current_events page.

There's now a Casper area Six Meter Email Reflector group on Yahoo Groups

CARC in the News

This page has links to video clips and stories of W7VNJ in the local media.

Links (local hams, weather and more)

Visit the links page for other sites of interest, including localy collected weather information


Information for Scanner Enthusiasts

Site Info

History, Information on server status, planned outages, news, etc can be found on the site_info page.