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RTFM is not a 4 letter word.


Many radio manufacturers publish user guides and manuals online. As a convenience, this page is a place to post the guides and manuals for YOUR radio.

Just because you can find a manual onlline doesn't always mean you can freely post it here! 
Check the copyrights and licensing first. 
If you can't upload a copy here - you can post a link to the manufacturer's web site.

All copyrights are retained by the publishers - regardless of this site's licensing


Current Icom Amateur user manuals can be found here.


Radio Shack

All available Radio Shack manuals at their web site.


Many user and service manuals can be found Here.

PDF download extension in Firefox

If you have the PDF download extension installed in Firefox and you click on the 'info circle link' of a PDF file link, a pop-up will ask you if you want to open/download the file information page. The open/download pop-up should give you the option to 'bypass PDF download' which opens the correct info page.