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Anyone and everyone with an interest in radio or RF communications - licensed or not - is welcome to participate in CARC activities.

Anyone who would like to become a member of CARC is encouraged to have an Amateur Operators license, but it is not required. We're more than happy to render whatever assistance we can to help you get you your license, including classes, private instruction and VE testing for ALL AMATEUR LICENSE CLASSES!


Membership dues are paid annually and are currently at:

$20.00 - individual membership

All memberships expire on 31 December.

Dues are only accepted 1 Jan through 30 April.

Dues are not prorated.

Why do we collect dues? That's how we pay:

  • The power bill for our repeaters
  • Equipment repair, maintenance and acquisition
  • Annual State registration fee
  • Supplies for events
  • Class and other training materials
  • Field Day
  • Special Event stations
  • Office supplies as needed
  • Communications
  • This web site, domain and email services
  • Advertising for events
  • And other expenses that the club has from time to time.

If you'd like more details - please, contact the club's treasurer.
You'll find a link on the About page.

Membership Benefits

  1. CARC members are eligible for a <callsign> email address.
  2. Membership is a requirement to be a club officer.
  3. Only Full Members in good standing can vote on any club business.
  4. Access to 'members only' online resources.
  5. Knowing you're supporting the continued development of ham radio in the Casper area.

ARRL Affiliation

CARC is an ARRL affiliated club. As such, we do encourage all CARC members to join the ARRL. We need to maintain a minimum percentage of ARRL membership of all club members to keep our affiliation. Affiliation gains us many benefits from the ARRL.