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Sort of a running 'log' of the site and it's history.




Brought Mediawiki software up to current


Updated all Mediawiki and phpBB instances to current.


6 Sep

OK, bit late - asleep at the switch. But, the Wiki software is once again current, backups verified. Substantial version change this time. Cool.

13 Feb

Boards are all updated to current. Nothing major, just a patch level.


30 Oct

Another security update - it's done

21 Oct

Well, bit late on this one, but the latest security patch is in and tested. Did seem to clear up the link issue in DismissableSiteNotice as well.

27 Aug

And the routine, maintenance update is complete.

30 July

Yea! Yet another security upgrade. At least it's done and tested.

25 June

Yet another security patch. Done.

12 June

Yea! Another version has been released upon us! Upgrade complete, backups tested - looks good. Also, upgraded a few of the extensions not normally included. Tiz good.

29 May

Another incremental upgrade. Not really for security, looks to be more cross-platform compatibility and tweeks. Backups also tested and verified - that part works a trick! OK.

25 April

Yet another security patch - they're on the ball. Also verified backups - OK

27 March

Musta been a bug - new release already. Installed and tested. OK

23 March

Wheew! Fun one - new router/firewall/IDS/IPS installed - few minor glitches as things came back up - but looks good at the minute. Let 'er run for a week and see then what's up.

16 March

And, once again - main site software updated - just a security patch. Tested backups, all still OK

14 March

Hey! Cool! An update for the image gallery - about time. Done and tested.

1 March

Oh! Lookie. Another patch upgrade. OK - done.

28 Jan

That was fast - security updates, installed. Backups tested, OK

14 Jan

Moved web sites/content to new server. Dell Poweredge 2950, over 250G disk space on hardware SCSI RAID 5 (hotswappable with running hotspare), 8G RAM, Dual 2Ghz Xeon processors for a total of 4 cores, dual power supplies, 1Gb NIC, etc, etc. I hope this makes a bit of a difference. Also, updated everything to the latest flavors and tested.


7 Dec

Backups verified and Mediawiki upgraded to current - tested - OK

15 Nov

Security patches applied - backups verified - system tested - OK

17 Sept

Backups are back online and tested. There was a problem with the share, but it's been fixed with the new file server. Another version upgrade complete.

21 May

Once again, an update and it's installed and tested

30 April

Backups checked and verified - another security patch applied. Look'n good.

15 April

Another security update - all done. Backups are automated - checked 'em, they're good.

4 March

Maintenance release installed and updated. Check of the automated backups - all is good!

24 Jan

Well, wasn't *that* fun. Can't tell for sure if we were hacked or just a database corruption - but all sites and applications dependent on MySQL died with ugly error codes. Thank the bits that be for backups!!


22 Dec

Well, not only didn't the world end, but they released a security update - applied!

30 Nov

And again! Another update, just a patch - but all backups are again completed.

9 Nov

All Wiki's updated to current versions and full backups completed.

4 Sept

And now the discussion boards are current and backed up as well.

1 Sept

Full backup of the Wikis completed (now automated as well) - upgraded to the latest release tree

12 Aug

Full backup completed - upgraded software to the intermediate tree - re-enabled account creation and anti-spam measures

27 June

Folks over at MediaWiki have released yet another update - and, it's installed. Bonus - backups done too.

23 May

Software updated, backups completed - all over, again.


26 June 11

Software updated, backups completed - again

14 April 11

Security patch applied - guys at Mediawiki are on the ball!

11 April 11

Security patch applied - currency maintained.

6 March 11

Updated site software to current - security patch mostly. Backups completed.

30 Jan 11

Added Account Confirmation extension to mitigate 'bot' accounts and the recent front page vandalism.

4 Jan 10

Updated site software to current - security patch mostly


23 Nov 10

Discussion board security patches applied.

8 Nov 10

Changed default skin to the new 'Vector'. Looks nice!

28 July 10

Updated to latest version
Full backups completed

6 June 10

Security patch applied

7 April 10

Security patch applied

18 March 10

Interesting. Load protection is built into the phpBB software. Server's CPU hit %98 utilization due to an errant process and the boards closed themselves. Neat! Also gave me an opportunity to upgrade all boards to current levels.

8 March 10

Finally! An update is released. Main site brought to current. Played "bold" - no backup before update. No problems.


19 Nov 09

Discussion board updated to current. New 3D captcha enabled. Keep checking for main site updates - nothing yet. Board database backup completed.

9 Aug 09

Security patch applied - new backups completed - older backups flushed.

10 June 09

Main site software updated to current. New backups completed.

1 June 09

Discussion boards updated to current.

CRM for club management added to server. Warren begins data migration.

28 Mar 09

Enable reCaptcha for new user registrations and edits with external links.

18 Mar, 09

Google AdSense extension added - adsense acivated as a 2 ad box at the bottom of the left side navigation/menu blocks. Ads are NOT visible to users that are logged in. Also implimented diss-misable site notice. Good way to get quick news to visitors - but logged in users can dismiss the notice at their own option. Now, to see if I can put a dent in the power bill with ads - don't expect much, we'll see.

7 March 09 goes live! Wiki is up - discussion board online.

24 Feb, 09

Once again - a new version of the site software. Complete with a new set of backups.

16 Feb, 09

Yet another software update to current for this site. Backups re-done as well. Verified the board is current. New server is on it's way - should be here Thursday or so.


27 Dec, 08

Discussion board, Wiki and image gallery brought up to current versions. Backups verified on all.

Dec, 08

Fixed the emailconfirmed issues.

1 Oct, 08

Upgraded Wiki Software to current version - tested. Looks good!

Aug 15, 08

Upgraded Wiki software to current version - easily done - but edit privileges seem to be a bit 'hashed'. Membership in 'emailconfirmed' group enforced - strongly.
Added 'Real Time Chat' link and server.

Aug 9, 08

Upgraded Wiki software to current version - they're making it easy now!

Feb 08

(I think that's right - forgot to note it!) Swapped everything out to new server, new OS, everything updated and brought to current.


4 Nov, 07

Discussion board and web site updated to current versions. Very easy to do this time.

14 Aug, 07

Upgraded the Discussion Board to a newer version of phpBB. Hopefully that'll keep some of the crap spammers at bay.

13 July, 07

Perform full backup of site, files and databases. Updage to current versions. Tested - OK!

3 Mar, 07

Updated Wiki software to current version.
Added Events Calender application and link in Navigation Sidebar.

10 Jan, 07

Upgraded to latest version of Mediawiki. In process, the software lost access to all the images! But, they're all still there. Working the issue.

  • I think that gets them all back, the 'logo' and the background. We should be up to date!


27 Nov, 06

Implemented Web Application Firewall for the Web server. Amazing number of attacks being deflected. We may not be as popular as we'd like as a ham site, but we're plenty popular as a target.

28 Oct, 06

Site software updated again. There was one earlier update that didn't get posted here. Also re-organized the front page a bit - trying to keep it 'general' and less cluttered. We'll see. Added email reflector to navigation sidebar - re ordered the sidebar.

5 May, 06

Updated the Privacy Policy page and the Disclaimer page, including graphics as well as a graphic for this page

3 may, 06

Upgraded the Mediawiki software to current. Moved the 'Members's web mail' link into the navigation table (see left) Added a link for the discussion board to the navigation table

Still having to clean up some 'spam' vandals now and then - no real biggy. So far, their spam attempts have only affected one page. Way easy to clean up - just 2 mouse clicks and we're back!

1 April, 06

Added "Member's web mail" link to all pages, left collum. This coincides with CasperARC's acceptance into the Google Beta test of their 'hosted domains' email system. CARC members can now have a '<callsign>' email address. Contact KA7O (ex KC7ZRU) to participate

25 Feb, 06

Upgraded UPS batteries. Trippled 'off line' runtime.

Jan, 06

The server upgrade is complete. The old, P-II 450 has been replaced by a P4-900 system.

System is running Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP).

System RAM has also been upgraded to 896Mb

2 drives with about 15GB of space

I just did come by a 2nd hand 80GB drive - expect yet another upgrade soon!

Main Page presentation times have dropped from over 37 seconds to an average of 3.5 seconds

2005 and earlier

??? - who knows. Lost in the sands of time....

According to 'whois history', this domain was first registered 22 Oct, 2007. But, we can plainly see it was active before that. My befuddled memory and what little records I can find imply this domain was first registered sometime in 2004.

If you notice any problems or issues, Please let me know. Thanks!