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I'm KC7YRA as you can read from the headline. I am a Wyoming born ham who has been licensed since 1997.

I originally got into ham radio for it's utilitarian uses. I used it as a way to talk between my family (who are all licensed) and I before cell phones were prevalent.

As the years went on, I discovered a passion for radio and many of it's facets. I really enjoy HF and chasing DX. I have gone to great lengths to put as much aluminum in the air as possible. Going so far as to seriously modify my house and vehicles. It all came together and I was able to get my initial DXCC last year with 130 confirmed and 205 worked.

As of lately, I have been mostly interested in digital modes on VHF/UHF. Primarily APCO25 and P25 CAI. I have yet to dabble in D-star as I am not interested. Too much baggage.

Until laters,