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What you need to know

IMPORTANT Please, also visit the VE page for important testing information!

Read up and ask any questions you may have well in advance of the test date.

Don't be late!

Next Scheduled CARC sponsored VE Session


  • Next scheduled VE session will be held on - 4 November - 2:00pm.


  • Wyoming Medical Center, Support Services Building, Auditorium B

"The SSB" is the red brick Building between the two parking garages, on 3rd street. "Aud B" is on the ground floor, at the very West end of the Building.

Parking for the public is available in the West Parking Garage, entrance on Jackson St between 2nd and 3rd streets.

After parking in the West garage, follow the WMC signs to the main hospital. As you approach the Volunteer's Desk - in front of the Diamond Coffee Shop in the "Sky Lobby" - you'll see a hallway to your right (going South) that has windows on both sides. Go down that hall way, through the double wide doors. Keep going straight, past the restrooms on your left. At the end of the hallway you'll find a pair of vending machines, turn right. You'll go through one more doorway and Aud B is the last door on your right, almost going outside.

Signs will be posted.

Parking on 3rd street is very limited and is discouraged. Please, do not park in the surgical center parking lot.

Support Services Building at WMC. <-Click to see a map of the location.


All 3 Amateur Service Licensing Elements

  • Technician
  • General
  • Amateur Extra


If you're having difficulty finding the site or have questions, you will need to call on 146.520 simplex or call or text Tate at the number in the graphic to the right. Please, be on time. Early is fine - late is not. Don't be late.

ARRL listed VE test sessions in Wyoming

The ARRL maintains a searchable list of scheduled VE test sessions for Wyoming and other states.


If you have concerns or questions, or if you'd like to request a test session, please contact the VE Team Liaison by email: Tate, KA7O