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ARRL Sanctioned Hamfest

Wyoming ARRL Hamfest and State Convention

2009 WY Hamfest will be sponsored by the Sweetwater County Amateur Radio Club.

Where's the hamfest??

2008 Hamfest is "In the Bag!"
Hosted by Casper Amateur Radio Club - W7VNJ - 24 and 25 May, 2008 at the Ramkota - Best Western in Casper.
A great time was had by all!!
And many thanks to everyone who helped make this year's fest such a success!

The VE Session saw 10 candidates and resulted in 4 new hams and several upgrades!

  • 2 - Extras
  • 2 - Generals
  • 4 - Technicians

The "Grand Prize" of an Icom 706MkIIG was won by Jay Martin N7NPC of Casper, WY.

The pre-registration prize of a $200 Gift Certificate to Rad-Comm Radio was won by Pat Boone of Sundance, WY.
(She doesn't yet have a ham license, maybe this will help 'motivate' her!)

The Runner up pre-registration prize of a SignaLinkUSB was won by Stephen Belden, KE7AZG of Casper, WY.

The Home Brew contest was won by Dave Reynolds, KE7QF of Casper

Jack Baines, W7NK in Thermopolis received a special recognition for 75 years of Amateur Operations.
Bob Williams received an award from the ARRL for 70 years of operating service.

Bob Meyer W7BLM, selected his friend and mentor Mark Knittle NG7T as Ham of the Year for 2007.



Rad-Comm Radio is a leading provider of Icom Land Mobile communication equipment. From the simple handheld to P25 digital radios, systems and repeters.

Rick Roy of Rad-Comm once again helped make our hamfest a success. Many new radios, books and accessories were sold and I saw at least one new ham buy his first radio today!


Rick, K5UR

ARRL Vice President, Rick Roderick - K5UR

Rick Roderick, 45 year old Practising Attorney, lives somewhere north of Little Rock, Arkansas on a remote Hill Top of approximately 45 acres with his wife, Holly, their two sons, and tons of aluminium and wire.

Rick gave an impassioned motivation to recruit and expand the ranks of Amateur Radio operators. He challenged ALL of us to recruit one new person to ham radio by this time next year. Sharing many fond memories, He shared his passion for ham radio in the hopes of spreading it further while encouraging all of us to continue the fight for our hobby while accepting the inevitable changes - in technology, politics and our operating environment.

Other points Rick made - comments from others:

  • Use positive memories of your hobby to interest others.
  • Use personal stories to attract new interest.
  • He was more along the lines of attract youth, younger poeple - using modern technology they're interested in.

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