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in the news

Field Day 2022 is over. Good time and many thanks to all! You can read a local news article and see some of the pictures we collected here.


What is Field Day? Well, until we get the site fully back up and intact, you can visit the ARRL Field Day page and read up.

Basically, this is an annual, open and public demonstration of what we can do to communicate in austere conditions. Away from our homes, comforts and established systems. The goal is to get setup and on the air quickly, make as many contacts as possible in the time allowed and with certain self-imposed 'limitations'. Such as limited power output, field expedient antennas, no grid (shore) power. But, mostly to have a lot of fun doing it all while learning methods and processes to improve our skills and abilities.

We'll also be holding a VE Test session for new licenses and upgrades. The VE session will start at 2:00p Saturday. Get registered to test at Be sure to visit our VE Test Page for details and instructions.


June 25-26, 2022 - starting at 12:00 noon on Saturday and running until 12:00 noon on Sunday.


This year's Field Day will be held at the Natrona County Fairgrounds lot.

Map and directions

You can use this Google Map to see where we'll be and get directions. Look for the antennas, tents and folks!




The site and event are open to anyone with an interest, curiosity about or can even just spell 'radio'. Come out and watch, learn and if you want - try. We'll have radios and stations setup where you can try talking across the site or to far away places without using relays, commercial towers, Internet or phones.

If you want to help setup - or even just see how it's done - a few of us will be gathering at the site about 11:00a or so to prepare and get things rolling.

Hosted by

Your local Casper Amateur Radio Club - W7VNJ


This year's Field Day will be held at the Natrona County Fairgrounds lot.

Map and directions

You can use this Google Map to see where we'll be and get directions as well. Look for the antennas, tents and folks!

How Much?

No charge to visitors or participants. VE Session candidates will want to read the next section.

VE Session

We'll be holding a VE session at 2:00p on Saturday the 25th. If you'd like to sit for your license or upgrade, please visit the VE Test Page and please, do get registered before hand. But, if or some reason you don't, you're still welcome. Just may take a bit more effort to get things sorted. There is a $15.00 fee to take an exam, that's all explained on the VE Test Page.

50' Portable Antenna Support System


Garth has some gear: tent, poles, masts and the G5RV antennas.

Pete has the Yagi, the computers and the LAN

Tate has the antenna support structure

We're close to ready! Looks like we'll be gathering at the site about 11:00 or so to get ready for setup. See ya there.

A quick Guide to Field Day

Everything you wanted to know about ARRL Field Day 2022 but were afraid to ask

ARRL Field Day 2022 Tips


  • (Class A) portable - Club or (non-club with 3) or more
  • (Class A - Battery) portable - Club or 3 or more
  • (Class B) portable - 1 or 2
  • (Class B - Battery) - 1 or 2
  • (Class C) Mobile
  • (Class D) Home stations
  • (Class E) Home stations - Emergency power
  • (Class F) Emergency Operations Center (EOC)


  • US & Canada, others are "DX"

Exchange Example

1 transmitter at home in San Diego

  • Phone (SSB/FM): One Delta San Diego
  • CW: "1D SDG"

Entry Form

  • class, power source, multiplier, bonus, info/help

Cabrillo QSO File

  • Cabrillo Online Tool (WA7BNM/Bruce Horn)


Local press and pictures

And 2022 Field Day is in the books! Very nice article from OilCity was published today.

And, a collection of photos is available as well.