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CARC Meetings

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Regular meetings of the Casper Amateur Radio Club are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 1900hrs local.
The two regular meetings every month are A Business meeting and an Activity meeting.

Business Meeting

The first meeting of each month is the business meeting. Held on the 1st Wed of each month. We discuss and make plans, votes on club business, to pay bills, discussions on new business and more. Please note, only members in good standing may vote, but visitors are welcome. Most radio discussion is held after the meeting.

Business meetings are normally held in the Westwood room at the NCSD Central Services Building - 970 N Glenn Rd.

Location and directions can be found on this Google Map.

On that map, you can click the "Directions" button, enter your location and you'll be presented with a moving map that'll show you the way.

You can also attend online Via Jitsi Meet if you'd like.

Those that choose to, may gather at one of the local 'eateries' afterwards for "Pie and Coffee". Sometimes called a 'McDonald session' after one of our SKs. Bruce McDonald, KF7CFY often enjoyed pie and ice-cream after the meetings.

Activity Meeting

The second meeting (held on the 3rd Wed of the month) is usually held at the same time but at a different location. We've been quite fortunate to have Charles assist in providing a location at Air Innovations on CY Ave - 5000 CY Ave, Casper, WY. Clicking that link should show you a map and if your current locatin is known to your device, will even provide you directions to get there.

Changes or updates will be shared on the email reflector. It may well be that occasionaly we meet at a ham's shack, tower site or some other location. It's not often, but it can happen. We'll be sending updates to the aforementioned email reflector with details when that happens.

You may also ask on the .940, .235 or .280 repeaters. Near meeting time, if you happen to be within range, may even find someone on .520 to steer you to the location.

Information on previous activity meetings can be found on the Activity Meetings page.

Talk in Frequency

Meeting "talk in" is on .940 or the .235 repeaters (see the Main Page for local repeater details). If you happen to be closer to the meeting site: 146.520 simplex. You may also find someone on 449.575+ (173.8 hz tone).

Who can attend?

We always welcome anyone interested in learning about amateur radio, finding out how to get licensed, or just curious about what us "hams" do. Of course any and all licensed operators are welcome and encouraged to get involved!

Password Restricted Info

The passwords for access to the following areas are available to all club members in good standing. They're changed every year - usually early January. If you don't have the current password, contact any of the club officers. Please, do not share passwords with anyone. Thanks!

Membership Roster

A link to the roster of current members can be found on the member's only page here.

Meeting Minutes

NOTE: Minutes are no longer archived here

Instead, they're emailed out to the membership via the CARC email reflector.

Old PDF files of meeting minutes up to Jan of 2019 are available here.