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The Wyoming Swap Shop is operated by Casey, KD0JXU as a service to the Amateur Community.

Wyoming Swap Shop

  • Hams are invited to list their wanted or for sale items for sharing with the wider amateur community.
  • You do not need to subscribe to the reflector to have an item listed.
  • You must be subscribed to the reflector to receive the listings.
  • If you choose not to subscribe, you can still view the listings in the reflector archives.


  • Current and past SwapShop listings can be viewed on line in the list archives.
  • There is no charge to have your items listed or to subscribe to the reflector.
  • Item listings are accepted via email to:kd0jxu@arrl.net and an HF net.
  • Anyone wanting to add a listing to the WyoSwapShop should send that information direct to kd0jxu@arrl.net. Do not send listings to the reflector. It won't work.
  • Please provide valid contact info and a full description of what you have to sell or are looking to buy.


  • Once a week or so - as time, work and life allow - Paul will send a message to the reflector with that week's listings as an MS Word "doc" attachment.
  • Anyone subscribed to the reflector will receive a copy of the listings, at the email address they subscribed.
  • No one, except Casey, KD0JXU, can send a message to the reflector.
  • See below for information on "doc" file viewers.

Buying and Selling

  • If you see something listed you'd like to buy - contact the seller direct and make your offer.
  • If you have something some one else is looking for and would like to sell it - contact them direct, they'll be glad to hear from you.
  • If you have a question about a listing - contact the person who made that listing.
  • No transaction communications will be handled via the reflector at any time.


  • Find the week's email you're interested in (I suggest clicking on 'date'), then click the URL for the attachment to view it's "doc" file.

Subscriptions, settings

  • List information, subscription/un-subscription tools, list archives and password recovery assistance can be found Here.
  • The reflector's subscription list is not public and will not be shared with anyone, except as may rarely be required by law.


  • If you need help with the reflector settings, options, subscribing, unsubscribing or other questions about the operation of reflector server, please contact Casey, KD0JXU or Tate, KA7O.
  • Do not conatct Tate, KA7O with questions about listings.


  • All transactions are private business between the seller and the buyer.
  • Do not contact Casey, KD0JXU or Tate, KA7O with problems or questions about a transaction.
  • KD0JXU can not and will not arbitrate, negotiate or resolve any disputes or problems between buyers and sellers.
  • Thankfully there have been very few problems over the years and of those few, most have been solved in short time - with just a bit of effort by those involved.