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FM is not AM/SSB

Remember, these are suggestions for FM operation on 2 meters in Wyoming. There are different bandplans and spacings used for AM/SSB. Also, the Considerate Operators Guide is good to keep in mind.

Frequency Coordinator

Each state's Frequency Coordinator is tasked with publishing and establishing the common FM simplex channel spacings for their state. However, due to a persistent and apparently absolute silence from the WY Frequency Coordinator on the subject (or, any other subject), we developed our own suggestion and offer the following table of 2m Simplex frequencies for routine use.

NOTE: The WY coordination group has published a Wyoming plan Find it here. It covers 2m, 6m and 70cm
This IS the authoritative plan for Wyoming and supersedes all others.

Channel Spacing

The following table shows the best information we have as to what our neighbouring states are using for channel spacing.

Wyoming uses the 15Khz channel spacing scheme.

15kHz 20kHz
S. Dakota Montana
Nebraska Idaho
Colorado Utah

WY 2m Simplex

This is not LAW! This is merely a suggested guide for the convenience of the community. As long as any operator is following Part 97, they're allowed to do what they choose.

146 147
146.400 147.420
146.415 147.435
146.430 147.450
146.445 147.465
146.460 147.480
146.475 147.495
146.490 147.510
146.505 147.525
146.520 147.540
146.535 147.550
146.550 147.570
146.565 147.585

2m FM Calling

And, as is the case in the rest of North America, the 2m FM calling frequency is 146.520Mhz.

Once you've made contact and established a QSO, it's considered 'best practice' to move your QSO to another, agreed frequency. However, due to the lack of use, many choose to remain on 146.520 for the duration of their QSO.