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Alert Sent On: 07/15/2022 04:27:43 PM MDT

For Beartrap Summer Festival we have the desire to use our deployable 800MHz repeater as our primary comms point at this event. This should let us exercise the deployable repeater process in a real life setting. I would highly encourage this deployment to be completed by the new Comms Group. That is why I am reaching out to you 6! 

In order to do this successfully we absolutely need to go over this setup ahead of the event and train with it. I would love to set up a field day of sorts for this and accomplish that training. 

Beartrap is Sat 8/6 and Sunday 8/7 both days from 08:00 to 21:00. We would have to mobilize it and de-mobilize it each day in order to keep it secure overnight. Which is just more practice! We have all the needed tech and equipment, we just need you all and your tech abilities to get this done efficiently. 

Please let me know asap if this is of any interest to you, and what kind of availability you have to train on the equipment ahead of the event. I am thinking we could do it at the County Shop in Mills after 5pm on 7/27 or 7/29, or in the afternoon on 7/31. Thanks!