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"High Speed MultiMedia Mesh" (hsmm-mesh), now called 'Broadband Hamnet'. This is a re-deploy of existing technology that uses inexpensive and readily available consumer hardware and re purposes it for Amateur use. Using software built on FOSS, there's still a lot of experimentation and development potential.

Biggest advantage to this approach is ease of setup and low costs. Buy an off-the-shelf WiFi router (I use this online outlet), flash the firmware, some minimal configuration and voila! You have a working node. If you're close enough to another node - done. To increase range may take some effort in regards to antennas and feed-lines - as it does in anything else 'radio'.

There is another, more advance project called 'HamWAN' - but it requires the use of specialized equipment. Read about it here.

HSMM-MESH project assumes you already have a good understanding of TCP/IP networking. Toss in a bit of self discovering/configuring mesh and enjoy!

This page is JUST beginning! Not much here - yet. For now, best info is the hsmm-mesh.org web site.

Casper Nodes

Known node operators:

  • AE7EC
  • KA7O
    • -1 - IRC
    • -2 - NTP
  • N7RRB

Local Discussion

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