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Howdy from the office of the treasurer!

  • Playing radio has always been a hobby. I first started with a set of walkie-talkies, and later moved into the ugly 11-meter band. In 1998, flooding occured in the Ft.Collins and Loveland Colorado areas. I was able to experience an amateur station in the high school gym as part of a Red Cross shelter. I was able to meet several hams during this time. I liked the professionalism that the operators exhibited. I like the idea of being able to communitate when all other forms of communications quit responding.
  • I was able to take classes put on by the Loveland Repeater association. I took the tests and secured my technician license.
  • I moved to Laramie, WY for the college experience. While attending the University of Wyoming, I was elected to the treasurer position for the University Amateur Radio Club. During this time I was able to attend several Field Day events, and found I really enjoyed this aspect of amateur radio.
  • After graduating from UW with a business degree, I moved to Casper to start life in the working world. The Casper Amateur Radio Club happened to be looking for a treasurer at that time. I volunteered for the job before I got elected for something else...

Climbing.jpgBrent.jpgBrent going up.jpeg

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the site and I invite you to join the club!

Regards, Brent Gurnsey (KCOFUP)