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CARC sponsored VE test sessions are ARRL VEC sessions.

Test sessions will be held according to the guidelines, policies and requirements of the ARRL VEC according the their agreement with the FCC.

Additionally, the CARC VE team uses the site as a candidate registration tool.
This site also serves as an excellent practice test site and will help you track your progress and focus your studies.It's free to use and create your own account. Well worth the time and effort and it really does help us to get things right.

Register for exam

To register for your exam, you must:

  1. Have a valid, working email address
  2. Register a user account with the FCC and obtain an FCC Registration Number (FRN)
  3. Register for your exam session, using your FRN, on the HamStudy website.

FRN Required

To register for an exam, you must have an FRN. And, to have an FRN, you must have an email address.

Here is the ARRL notice on the email requirement and FRNs

If you already have a license and are testing to upgrade, you'll use your existing FRN.

Exam Candidates: You are REQUIRED to register in the FCC CORES system and receive an FCC Registration Number (FRN) before exam day.

Scheduling and Location

See the VE Schedule page for scheduling and location information.

We try to hold at least quarterly sessions (about every 3 months). But, we also depend on expressed interest. Look for scheduled sessions using the instructions above, and get registered. If there are any groups or organizations that would like to have a session setup, just reach out and let us know. So long as you've 3 or more candidates, we will work something out.

Who can test?

Anyone who is eligible for and wants to test for their FCC Amateur Radio license, or currently licensed hams wishing to upgrade their license are welcome!

Unless you're a representative of a foreign government, chances are you're eligible. If you have any questions, please contact us.

There are no age limits (upper or lower).

If you can't read the test materials for whatever reason, or if you will need any special accommodation - please, contact us ahead of time so we can prepare!


  • Identification
  • Testing Fee
  • Hamstudy Personal ID number (PIN)


A current and valid government issued photo identification card/document.
This requirement is usually met with a driver's license, but it can be a passport, other legal identification with the candidate's photo on it.

When no photo ID is available, the candidate must present any two of the following:

  • Non-photo ID/driver's license (some states still have them);
  • Social Security Card;
  • Official Birth certificate (must have the appropriate seal);
  • Minor's work permit, school report card, school ID card or library card;
  • Utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person; or
  • Postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his or her current mailing address as it appears on the Form 605.

If the candidate is a minor or student that does not have a state-issued driver's license or other photo ID card, an official document bearing the name of the minor (such as a social security card, birth certificate, etc.) must be provided. The parent/guardian accompanying them must also provide the VE team with their own photo ID.

Testing Fees

There are two fees for each new license candidate.

  1. The VE Test Session Fee ($15.00)
  2. The FCC Administrative Fee ($35.00)

The Test Session fee is set by the ARRL VEC and MUST be paid at the exam session. ARRL VEC Test Fee for 2024 is $15.00.

The FCC Administrative Fee is set by the FCC and We do NOT collect the FCC's $35 administration fee at the exam session.
Even if you bring your FCC Administrative fee payment to the exam session, we can't accept it. This is strictly between you and the FCC

Acceptable forms of payment for the VE Test Fee are cash (exact change appreciated), a current personal check, money order or cashiers check made out to "Casper Amateur Radio Club VE Team." (CARC VE Team)

Retests of an element failed at the same test session will require payment of an additional test fee.
Candidates will be allowed only one re-test attempt (total of two attempts) of any one element in one day.

Check cards, debit cards, credit cards, ATM cards, gift cards or any other cards CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED. Please come prepared.

There is no FCC Administrative Fee for upgrading an existing, valid license. However, there still is a VE Test Fee. You can read about that Here.

Hamstudy PIN

When you register for your exam on the [Hamstudy] website, you'll be assigned a PIN number. You should also receive that PIN via email from Hamstudy. You'll want to either print that email out, write it down or something. You'll need your PIN number at the exam session. If you don't know it when you arrive, please let us know so we can get it for you.

Getting an FRN

FCC Registration Number (FRN).

You MUST have an FRN to register on HamStudyto sit your exam. 

We can not get you an FRN at the testing site. You must have it ahead of time. It can take a few business days to get your FRN assigned.

If you already hold a current FCC licences of any kind, you likely already have an FRN. Log into the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS), search for your license and find out. If you are upgrading, when you use your FRN to register for the exam, your existing license class and status will be identified for you. We no longer require you to bring a copy of your license to the exam session as the web site validates current license status for us.

If you don't, yet, have an FRN, please register with the FCC and get one well before the VE Test Session date. It can take some time for an FRN to be issued and we will NOT be able to register you at the VE session. Getting an FRN is not always an obvious, or clearly intuitive process.

  1. Register a new user account in CORES. Create a username (your email address) and password. Save your password and do NOT share it, ever - with anyone. (NOTE: if you already have an account, do NOT create a new one!)
  2. login to CORES (choose the Updated CORES if you've the option) and request an FRN. Look to the right side of that page, for me it's a box with a yellow border. There's a link in there to request an FRN.
  3. If you are having difficulties, first, please visit the FCC's "How to get an FRN" web page. Follow those instructions. If after following those instructions, you're still having problems, please contact the VE team well in advance of the test date!

There is also a guide page with videos on the FCC's web site that details how to go about getting your FRN.

We'll do everything we can to help, but due to how the FCC's ULS system operates, we can't get you registered in CORES and receive your FRN on the same day as the VE session. It can take a couple days to get your FRN after registering. Please, plan ahead and verify your registration and FRN now.

You must arrive prepared as we may not be able to help you at the Exam Session.


Currently Licensed Amateur Operators
If you have a valid FCC issued Amateur License and intend to upgrade, when you register at the site for the session, simply enter your callsign and FRN as requested. The website will verify your existing license status and that'll do it.

If you don't know your FRN, you can look it up using the License Search option on the FCC's ULS web site. Licenses issued since the advent of the ULS will have your FRN printed on them, and of course any reference copy recently printed from the ULS should as well.

If you discover you don't have an FRN shown on your listing in the ULS or Reference Copy, that means you're not yet registered with the FCC. Please register through the FCC's COmmission REgistration System (CORES) ASAP! The issuance of an FRN can take several days - please allow adequate time before the VE session.

Once you've registered and have an FRN, you'll need to 'link' your FRN to your callsign. There are instructins on the FCC's website on how to do that. If you need help, please contact the VE team well in advance of the test session. We will likely not be able to link you FRN with your callsign at the test session.

If you need help registering, finding your FRN or in any other way using the ULS (including, updates, renewals and vanity call sign applications) - please contact the CARC VE Team Liaison (see below) or any of the club officers listed on the 'about' page. Many of us have quite a bit of experience with these tools.

Please verify you are correctly registered in CORES, have your FRN, your call is linked to your FRN and that your current license is valid and up-to-date before arriving at the VE session!

Renewals and Administrative Updates

If you need help getting your license renewed or performing an Administrative update (address, email update or the like), you're welcome to come by without registration. These types of things can usually be done with out charge by the VE Team, using the FCC's Universal Licensing System (ULS) online. Be aware, however - VE Sessions can be busy and a bit hectic, but if you need help - we'll do our best to get things done!

You will need your FRN and login password (No, we won't ask for it! We'll have you type it in.) before we can help you. 

If you don't know your password, you'll need to contact the FCC's support online to get that sorted before we can help you.

At the Session

Leaving the Test Area

Once you are checked in and have been given your testing materials you will not be permitted to leave the testing area and resume your exam. This includes bathroom/smoke breaks, phone calls, etc.

If you leave your seat during your exam, your exam will be scored "as-is".

To complete an exam, you would be required to take a different exam (if one is available). This would also count as your second attempt at that element. As such, there would be another testing fee charged. If you don't pass this second attempt, you will not have the opportunity to re-take that element at this session.

At the discretion of the VE team and depending on the nature of your departure from the testing area, 
you may be denied the opportunity to re-test at that exam session.

Notes, Cheat-sheets, Extraneous Papers

No notes or other papers will be allowed in the testing area, other than the VEC provided testing materials.
Scratch paper will be provided by the VE team if you need it - just ask!
Any scratch paper used during testing - even if you didn't write on it - must be left at the test site.

Electronic Devices & Calculators

Please be ready to turn off all cell phones, pagers, radios (amateur or not), smartphones, tablets, music players, laptops or any other non-calculator devices while in the testing area. You will also be required to remove headphones and Bluetooth earpieces. This is not only a requirement, but a courtesy to the people testing around you.

We do not suggest using your cell phone as a calculator. To do so, we'd have to Factory RESET your phone, deleting any and all stored information before allowing it into the test area

Calculators will be allowed but are not required.

Please note that any and all devices brought in will have to have all of its memories cleared - and such demonstrated - before being allowed into the testing area.
If you have important things on your calculator (or cell phone) that you don't want to erase, it would be best not to bring it.

This includes watches, cell phones, MP3 players or any other device with a memory, audio output or display. They must either be totally erased or left outside the testing area.


I'm sorry we even have to address this, but here goes anyway...
Cheating can include, but is not necessarily limited to the following activities:

  • Failure or Refusal to follow any of the established rules regarding the exam process.
  • Use or attempted use of any prohibited electronic device(s) while testing.
  • Reading or attempting to read from another individual's test answer sheet - Even if their test is a different version than your.
  • Asking questions during the exam of ANY person other than one of the Volunteer Examiners (VEs): We will be clearly identified.
  • Possessing notes, cheat-sheets and/or flashcards on or about your person while testing.

Bottom line is: don't cheat. We will catch you, and cheating is not the way of the radio amateur.

While not technically cheating, we also will not tolerate behavior(s) that are potentially dangerous or disruptive to the testing environment or the other candidates. This includes coming to the exam session with active cold/flu symptoms, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs (prescription or not).

Exam Results


  • All exams will be scored on site at the conclusion of each attempted element.
    • If you used a paper answer sheet, it'll be graded using the 'GradeCam System'
    • If you use the online test, your test will be automatically graded when you finish your exam
  • Unless there's some unexpected problem, you'll be notified of your 'pass' or 'fail' status on site.
  • If you pass an element, you will be given the opportunity to attempt the next sequential element WITHOUT having to pay an additional fee.

Re testing

  • If you fail an element, you will retain credit for any elements you have already passed.
  • If you fail an element, you may choose to re-take that element, after paying another testing fee and if a second version of the element is available.
  • Each candidate will be allowed no more than 2 attempts at any one element.


"Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam" - this document is your proof having passed an exam element.

New License

You'll receive a Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam (CSCE) via email, stating which elements you passed and your new license class.
You'll want to ensure you keep a copy of your CSCE for your records.

Remember, if this is your FIRST license - regardless of what class you've earned - you may not use your new privileges until your call sign is published in the FCC ULS database.
Also note, you will NOT receive a license via mail (USPS). You can go into the ULS and retrieve either a reference copy, or if you've logged in, you can retrieve an official copy of your license. But, you have to go and get it.

Upgraded License

If you've successfully upgraded your license class, once you receive your CSCE via email, use the appropriate designator when using your new privileges.

If you're using your existing license privileges, there is no need to use a designator. ie. If you're a Technician that just passed General and talking on 2m FM - there's no need to use the "AG" designator.

On phone, such a designator would be your call followed by saying "A.G." (alpha golf) for "Authorized General" or A.E. (alpha echo) for Authorized Extra.

Using the club's call sign as an example, lets say you're a General and have upgraded to Extra - but that upgrade is not yet published in the ULS - you'd ID as "W7VNJ AE" when using your Extra privileges.

The only time you need to use or say "stroke", "dash", "/" or other separating character or other separator is when you're operating CW or other text mode (PSK31, RTTY, etc).

Again, using the club's call sign as an example, you'd type or key "W7VNJ/AE".

As soon as your listing in the ULS reflects your new license class, you no longer need to use any designators.

If you have any questions on how to properly identify when using your new privileges, please ask before getting on the air.

No CSCE recieved?

If for any reason you did not receive your CSCE via email after having allowed reasonable time for delivery (say, about a week or so), please contact the VE Team! We'll want to get this corrected and in your hands as quickly as possible.

Elements/License Classes

CARC sponsored VE sessions will normally offer all three exam elements:
  • Element II: Technician
  • Element III: General
  • Element IV: Amateur Extra

See the VE Scheduling page for clarification. If by chance a session won't offer all 3 elements, it'll be noted on the schedule. This means that you could attend A CARC VE test session without a license and walk out with your Amateur Extra - we've had folks do it!.

If you've any questions about the process or preparing for a test session, just ask. Our VE team is dedicated to helping YOU succeed!


Anyone with concerns or questions should contact the VE Team Liaison - by phone or text

Cell Number

If you've a dire concern (or can't find the VE session!), you can leave a message for Tate, KA7O at the number on the right (area code:307, if needed).
Tate will call you back as soon as he can.