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My new station

Hi, My name is Steve, and I am 49 years old, Been a Ham since November 1996.I changed my call 10-11-03. I have been widowed since April 2001, My loving wife Janet , Was KC2EPV, and I have 3 kids. I moved to Casper, Wyoming in July 2004. I am currently The Vice President, of The Casper Amateur Radio Club, and the Past President.

As KC2ACL, I am a former ARRL NTS Traffic Manger, for Suffolk county, N.Y., was also a OBS for the NLI Section.I was also very active in ARES & RACES, Skywarn, & ARMY MARS (AAM2BJ). I have belonged to The Suffolk County Radio Club, The Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club, and The Mid Island ARC, where I held posistions of Tresaur, Secretary, and V-P.

My Equipment is, A Kenwood TS 2000, in to a Comet GP-15 Vertal 3 bander, 20 feet up. In the car, I have a Yaesu FT-8900, in to a Coment UHV-4 Quad bander Also got a FT-8500, which I plan on puting in my girl friends car. And FT-50 R, and a VX-5, hand helds. I am active on 6 & 2 meters, and 70 cent.and use Echolink. So if ya see me on, please give me a call.

Member of The ARRL Member of Six Club #2178 Member of The Casper Amateur Radio Club

Try catching me on 146.520 or 52.525 (FM Simplex) I also Moniter the Casper W7VNJ Repeater (145.235) I QSL thru eQSL.cc 73's

Check out my Yahoo Group for 6 meter FM