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As of December '16 - the Copper Mountain site is under new management and has been incorporated into the "Northern Wyoming Amateur Repeater Coalition". They have a Facebook page for news and information.

What happened?

As Copper Mnt was the hub for WyoComm, the old system is effectively discontinued.


Currently linked in the NWARC are the following sites:

  • Copper mtn 146.805- 100hz pl.
  • Meadowlark mtn 145.145- 103.5 pl.
  • Medicine mtn 147.165+ 103.5 pl.
  • McCullough peaks 444.875+ 103.5 pl.
  • Cedar mtn 147.12+ 103.5 pl. 444.775+ 103.5 pl.
  • Wapiti 147.255+ 103.5 pl. 444.950+ 103.5 pl.
  • Casper Mt. 146.940- 123 pl.

The following will be kept for archive purposes.


An RF linked repeater system in Wyoming. At no time is any traffic or signaling carried by a VoIP or other wired link, such as the Internet. It's all done 'on the air'.

No, WyoComm is not HERC and does not use any of the HERC resources. This is a new effort headed up by 3 hams and involving a broad community that happen to also be active in the commercial side of things. This affords them the unique opportunities required to setup such a high quality, linked repeater system.

Currently - keying up on any one of these repeaters allows communications to all the others. The link is 'up' all the time. The links are dedicated UHF 'back-haul' systems.

See the Wyoming Repeaters page for other repeater info from around the state.

Relative coverage of the WyoComm system, Sept 2009.

There are no fees or 'memberships' required or offered to use this system. It is open to any and all licensed Amateur Operators.

Still, this all costs - a lot. Money, time and equipment. These guys deserve our thanks and support for their contribution to the Wyoming Amateur Community.

Hub site: Copper Mnt

Relative coverage from Copper Mnt site

Limestone Mnt

In the Shoshonie National Forest, South of Lander.
A simplex "extender". 147.480, 192.8hz tone


The .390 repeater located North of Rawlins on 'Nine Mile Hill' is linked to the WyoComm hub on Copper Mnt. There is an 'extender' in Rawlins that helps cover some of the 'black holes' in downtown Rawlins.

.390 details? (antenna and power info to create coverage map)

Extender information? (Need lat long, antenna and power info to create coverage map)


  1. 146.940 123.0hz tone - W7VNJ
Relative coverage from Casper Mnt site


(Need lat long, antenna and power info to create coverage map)


Riverton pretty much as direct access to the .805 hub repeater on Copper Mnt. There is also an 'extender' to help lower power or hand held stations.

Extender information? (Need lat long, antenna and power info to create coverage map)

Carter Mnt

(Proposed - not yet online)

Relative coverage from Carter Mnt site

Medicine Mnt

44.816821, -107.901020

40 watts to antenna, 9db gain 8 bay antenna, 30' above ground.

Meadow Lark

Meadowlark mtn. East of ten sleep. South side of meadowlark lake. W7beq-5 digi is up there

40 watts, 45' above ground, 6db 4 bay antenna. 9300'