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Coverage Maps

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Casper Area

All maps depict a 15 watt transmitter in the 146.600Mhz range and an antenna with 3dbi gain. Each site's antenna is modeled to it's actual tower height above ground.

The Casper Mnt. site offers greater coverage around Casper, but affords less than optimal coverage within many areas of Casper itself. This has prompted many to complain about not being able to use the repeater with a hand held. With the new Tower Site, a hand held in almost any part of Casper - including the North side of Casper Mountain - now has a very good chance of 'hitting' the .235 repeater and getting out. The 146.640 repeater and the 146.940 machine on top of Casper Mountain provide similar coverage - for travelers coming into or leaving Casper or out South in the Shirley Basin area - the I-25 corridor East and South.

Relative coverage from the Casper Mnt site (146.940 and 145.235)


Note: This map uses a 7m tower - about 21' above ground.

Relative coverage of the W7VNJ repeater with autopatch (145.235)

State wide

These are the same voice repeaters shown above - but the maps show the whole of Wyoming, not just the Casper area.

Relative coverage from W7VNJ autopatch repeater. Statewide perspective.
Relative coverage from Casper Mnt tower site 146.940 145.235. Statewide perspective.

For comparison - this is the statewide coverage for the .805 machine on Copper Mnt.

Relative coverage from Copper Mnt site. Statewide perspective. (146.805)


All maps were generated using the Radio Mobile Deluxe software by VE2DBE and SRTM version 2 elevation data with a 1 arc second resolution. Roads and boundaries from US Census Bureau Online Tiger data.