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State Repeater Information

See the Wyoming Repeaters page for more.

Voice Repeaters

All repeaters listed are 'open' to all licensed operators.

All CARC sponsored repeaters use CTCSS input tones in accordance with good engineering practice, not to restrict access.

Linked Systems


WyoComm is a growing, not-quite state wide linking system that allows voice communications across large areas of Wyoming with common 2m gear - often hand helds! See the WyoComm page for information and details. See the Wyoming Repeaters page for more.

2m Simplex

See the WY 2m Simplex page for suggested simplex channel spacing.

2m Repeaters

This Page has coverage maps - may be useful in deciding what repeaters you want to use.

  1. 146.940 123.0Hz tone (146.340) - W7VNJ
    • Part of the WyoComm linked repeater system.
    • Wider area (regional) repeater on Casper Mnt.
    • Linked with 146.805 on Copper Mnt.
    • note: Also transmits a 123.0Hz tone on it's output.
    • The WyoComm link on Copper Mtn. has partially failed resulting in a one way connection so the link has been turned off until repairs can be made.
    • Loca coverage map
  2. 145.235 100Hz tone (144.635) - W7VNJ
    • Wider area (regional) repeater on Casper Mnt. Autopatch
      • Please read the "Rules of the Road" for autopatch use. Does not have reverse autopatch.
      • Use * (star) to "Bring Up" the autopatch - dial a call.
      • Use # (pound) to "Down" the autopatch - hang up
    • Local coverage map
    • Wider area (regional) repeater on Casper Mnt.
    • note: Also transmits a 100Hz tone on it's output.
  3. 147.280+ DCS 032 (147.880) - W7VNJ
    • Local Repeater in Casper - located at Wyoming Medical Center
    • Yaesu System Fusion - DCS 032
  4. 146.910 100.0Hz tone (146.310) - ??
    • Location?
  5. 147.345 (no PL) (147.945) - K7KMT
    • Location?
  6. 146.805 100Hz tone (146.205) - ??

NOTE:Some of our repeaters also transmit the same PL tone they use on RX. This allows each operator the option to use CTCSS on their receivers. Wether or not you choose to use CTCSS, repeater usage and operation is not changed.


This page has coverage maps for most of the W7VNJ repeaters.

70cm Repeaters

  1. 449.575 173.8hz tone - KD7AGA - IRLP node 7707.
  2. 449.500 100.0hz tone - NB7I

Standard Offsets

  • Traditionally, repeaters are named for their output frequency.
  • Unless noted in a repeaters listing, the following standard offsets apply.
Standard Repeater Offsets
Output Mhz Direction Offset Mhz
51 - 52 Neg 0.5
52 - 54 Neg 1.0
144.51 - 144.89 Pos 0.6
145.11 - 145.49 Neg 0.6
146.0 - 146.39 Pos 0.6
146.61 - 147.0 Neg 0.6
147.0 - 147.39 Pos 0.6
147.6 - 147.99 Neg 0.6
440 - 445 Pos 5.0
445 - 450 Neg 5.0
  • Taking the published output of 146.940Mhz and the standard offset indicated, that repeater's input frequency is 146.340Mhz.

Repeater etiquette

A very basic primer on how to not embarrass yourself - too badly - on the "local repeater". Just remember, we've all done it - at least once. We'd much rather you "get in there" and pull a whopper than not use the repeaters at all. As nothing is done maliciously, give it a go!

Digital Systems

APRS infrastructure

All APRS traffic is on 144.390 - Unconnected Information (UI) frames, AX.25. Traditional paths using RELAY,WIDE or WIDEn-n and the newer WIDEn-n only paths will work. TRACE and TRACEn-n are also supported. Please keep your paths reasonable. 2 or 3 hops is usually sufficient.

  • Suggested paths:
    • Mobiles: WIDE3-3
    • Fixed Stations: WIDE2-2

Excessive paths (such as WIDE7-7, etc) will often land you on a digipeater's 'LID List' - blocked out of that digipeater. This isn't a punitive action - but rather an attempt to protect the RF network from packet floods in neighboring areas.

Internet Gateways and public servers

  1. KE7AZF-1 - I-gate, East side (occasional, fill-in and backup)


APRS is a registered trademark of APRS Software and Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.

Traditional Packet

I know of no connected mode amateur AX.25 activity in Wyoming. Though I have heard of a rumor of a BBS in the Casper area? No details at this time. Anyone able to fill in?