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CARC's Weekly VHF Net


What was once just a local area net has evolved and grown into a larger net with the advent of the linked repeater system known as WyoComm. See the WyoComm page for details on coverage.

The Casper Amateur Radio Club conducts a regular VHF net on the W7VNJ repeater at 146.940 (neg offset, 123Hz tone) every Sunday at 2000 local time.

The net is a very informal net and is open to ANY and ALL licensed amateurs. We will pass any traffic that comes our way, and our net is generally open conversation, giving everyone an opportunity to test out their equipment.

In the event that the .940 machine is in use or not available for any reason, the net will be held on the W7VNJ local repeater at 145.235MHz (neg offset, 100Hz tone) at the same time. The repeater at 146.940 MHz is commonly monitored during the net, as well.

Net control stations have been and are:

  • Paul Long, K7RXC

and others as they volunteer.